D.S.E.M. se estrenan con Alma Soul Music sin duda esperamos sea el inicio de algo grande.Keep up with the good work guys.

Buy link: www.traxsource.com/title/461656/changing-tides
Artist: D.S.E.M.
Title: Changing Tides EP
Remixes: Valentin Huedo, Carlos Pulido & LopezHouse
Release Date: 30-04-15 at Traxsource / 14-05-15 at the rest

Changing Tides EP is the name of this gem created by the spanish duo D.S.E.M.

The EP contains three deep and dark tracks superbly accompanied with male vocals and atmospheric synths and arpegios.

The multi awarded DJ from Ibiza Valentin Huedo and the well known couple Carlos Pulido & Lopezhouse collaborate signing two remixes which complete magnificently this release on Alma Soul Music.



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