Band from Madrid, Spain, formed by Sergio Torroba Herranz, musician of the alternative/underground scene, and other projects as “Chemical disoder”. “Love for the unusual” deployed all their Sonic arsenal to offer us, in a super dark bases very well produced exercise, ten compositions that move between dark synth-pop and the more orthodox EBM, with clear allusions to the Golden nineties and the classics of both genders. Thus, formations “And One”, “Beborn Beton”, “Manipulation”, the first “De/Vision” or “No Comment” come us to mind as they sound cuts of “Love For The Unusual”, demonstrating the quality of composition which have all and each one of them, without falling into the repetition of patterns, sounding closer to the EBM “Psychoactive”, “Eternal Conflict” or “Unmask”(with clear echoes of the Belgian school), touching the dark synth-pop (cover of Depeche Mode “Behind The Wheel”) “Kill The monster” or the essential “Fragility”, with excellent sets of male and female voices in charge of La China Patino or mixing influences coming to the electro-dark of the nineties “All Empires fall” or “Zombienation” with very prominent results, something that stands out in all and each one of the tracks on an album which Devout as one of the leading orchestras in this country by its position, by making music that they like without jump on any bandwagon, and for making “Love For The Unusual” a sober, elegant and work willing to gain a foothold within the increasingly monolithic European scene.