After a deep experience as musicians and producers at several projects, Akiles and Claver have found in electronic music the perfect way to develop their most personal sound. Born at the end of the seventies, their first musical features were always under the influence of electronic music, which in those years began to be a huge hit until it turned into what it is today.
They were influenced by the dance sounds of the eighties and nineties, house, techno and the most representative punk-rock bands.
In 2010 their careers as artists made them coincide on a tour. The connection was immediate. Their same taste in music and their personal understanding encouraged them to become production colleagues and DJ’s in several projects.
In 2014 they have decided to set up -D.S.E.M.- after having been working for some months on several tracks, where they have given expression to their influences by offering a musical proposal, where the voices, in a sensual way, create an elegant style, full of depth and details. Thus their music has a fresh style, full of shades, both in the composition as in the production.
In a parallel way to the work in the studio, in the direct performances, they offer a live set that connects with the public through the variety of mixed styles, the live vocals and the instruments they play. It is a very appealing proposal in the present world of electronic music.
In the next months -D.S.E.M.- will be offering their first work and live performances by touring main premises in Europe, including the leading clubs on the island of Ibiza.

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