STARTRACK comes out of the synthesis of three features common to its members: they are nonconformist, their versatility and their accuracy.
The combination of personal influences, musical quality and the long performance within the music world of each one of its members entails a particular and forceful sound with catchy and original melodies.
A careful production carried out in the studios Provocative Recordings and Rec Division Studios, the same where groups so outstanding as Cycle, Krakovia, Ellos, Circus AD among many others have worked, and based on the last trends of the present electronic music and on the most vibrant sounds of the 80’s and 90’s will transpose the public to a parallel dimension where there are not limits for enjoyment with a band which tries to make itself a good position as a reference within of the international electronic panorama.
An uncontrolled energy in rhythms and intense and devastating electronic passages, which will make the darkest desires and wildest sensations emerge so that your body doesn’t stop vibrating.
STARTRACK will be touring the whole of Spain since the beginning of the year and will surprise with their brutal Live sound and their original DJ Live set, which for sure will make them be present in the most outstanding festivals of the country.



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